jueves, 15 de mayo de 2014

Journalists of the Group 1: "The Monkeys"

Hi readers, here we are a week more. This week we have worked with the topic of the fruits as a center of interest. We have worked in this topic in different subjects such as:

  • Mathematics: we have worked with the app called Animoby. The teacher told us to work in pairs or in trios and she gave us the wording of the task and we have to draw what the wording says, that is the different fruits with some of their portions coloured and we have to add and subtract them using Animoby. Later, we had to calculate the volume of an orange in pairs with the same application after the explanation of how to calculate the volume.
Here you can see the process of our work: 

Then, we had to check the results of another pair and find the main mistakes of them. We found that most of our classmates fail in doing the lowest common multiple. So we think that we should revise this in class. We also found this activity difficult at first, but when we practice several times, it was easier because we understand how the task works.

Here, you can see our final work: 

  • Natural science: we worked with Thinglink App. First of all, we have to organize the class in groups of five children. We had to search on Google the vitamins, benefits and characteristics of the fruit that the teacher has allocated us (pineapple, kiwi, grapefruit, cherry and coconut). In our case, it was the pineapple. We found a picture in Flickr App with Creative Common License which was of Muhammad Ali Mir and we uploaded it to Thinglink App.

    After doing the research of the different vitamins and characteristics, we labeled the results of the research around the picture. Finally, we presented our pineapple's research to the rest of the class showing our photo of Thinglink.

This is our image of Thinglink about pineapples:


In natural science we acted as journalist so we had to do a report of the fruits of the other groups and we also had to take photos and asked our partners if we had any doubts. It was very easy to find the information about the characteristics of pineapples because Internet is a good source of data.

Here you can see our photos of the other groups' fruits. 
Gonzalo and Blanca, two of the members of "The Monkeys" presenting the characteristics of pineapples:

Here we have other members of the class presenting their fruits, such as: kiwis, grapefruits, cherrys and coconuts. 

  •  Language: as the final subject, we had to add some vocabulary of the properties characteristics of the different fruits. Finally, we must say that we added about 11 words.
We think that it was going to be a bit difficult, but it wasn't.

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